By sponsoring this conference, you're not just supporting your business; you're actively contributing to the growth and vibrancy of the Blender open source community while nurturing the next generation of 3D artists. By becoming a sponsor, your company can:

Empower Emerging Artists

Help new artists develop their skills and find their place in the 3D art world, contributing to the growth of the Blender community.

Support Open Source

Demonstrate your commitment to open source software like Blender, which empowers creativity and innovation for artists of all levels.

Provide Mentorship and Training

Provide mentorship and training opportunities for budding artists, sharing your expertise and promoting community learning.

Gain Visibility with a Purpose

Gain visibility among an audience passionate about Blender and open source, aligning your brand with a meaningful cause.

Create Content For Growth

Create valuable educational content that aids the development of artists and showcases your dedication to the Blender community.

Forge Long-lasting Connections

Build lasting relationships with both seasoned professionals and up-and-coming talent, strengthening the Blender ecosystem.