Reinventing Virtual Production with Jetset

Most people think virtual production involves large LED walls, large productions, large budgets, and real time engines like Unreal.

In this talk we'll show how the combination of Blender, a minimal 'stage' in an actual barn, Lightcraft's new Jetset Cine virtual production application, and a liberal dose of compositing combined to create feature film level results with a tiny 2-person crew.

The techniques shown here are repeatable in production, and provide a road map for high volume VFX shot production with Blender as the primary 3D tool.

The intense use of 3D compositing also shows a big opportunity for the recent developments in Blender's new GPU accelerated compositor.


  • Eliot Mack started the home robotics revolution as the lead designer of the original iRobot Roomba.

    He began his career as a mechanical engineer, crashing composite vehicles at the University of Michigan and MIT. He then got his first taste of the entertainment industry designing a 5 ton walking dinosaur robot at Walt Disney Imagineering's R&D group.

    In 2004, having had his fill of chasing …

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