3D Paper Craft with a Cutting Plotter Machine

Before we had 3D printing, we could still turn 3D models into real-life 3D objects with paper craft.
Blender's built-in "Paper Model" Add-on is a great starting point, but I needed a little more control over the process.

Come see how I used a custom python script and geometry nodes to aid my process in turning 3D models into flat .svg files that are compatible with a cutting plotter machine for automatically cutting out custom paper crafts.


  • I'm a Technical Artist in the AAA video game industry. I've taught college courses on 3D game design. I help run the Seattle Blender User Group (SeaBUG). I'm also a published author with two instructional books about Blender. I love when art meets technology, and I'm always excited to share my passion for all things Blender!