Storyboarding in 3D Space

Blender's Grease Pencil has opened up many possibilities for illustrating directly within a 3D environment. Storyboarding is often done in a 2D application specifically designed for the task, Blender's Story Pencil Add-On allows storyboards to be drawn, organized, and revised on the fly, utilizing Blender's in-built VSE, scene and asset management systems, and of course, Grease Pencil.

From simple frame-to-frame boarding, to complex 3D scene and camera moves, storyboarding in 3D Space presents a unique approach to a traditional workflow.


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    I'm an instructor for CG Cookie, specializing in content which focuses on 2D artwork in a 3D space.

    After graduating in 2001 with a BA in Communication studies, I began working at boutique post-production houses. I went freelance in 2008 and have worked on corporate campaigns, TV commercials, web-videos, showreels and media branding packages for clients such as Nickelodeon, Saachi…

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