Texturing Techniques For Starship Interiors and Exteriors

This workshop delves into the intricacies of creating compelling visuals for science fiction environments. Combining both artistic vision and technical expertise, this presentation explores the methods and tools used to texture the surfaces of starship interiors and exteriors, ranging from sleek metallic panels to intricate control panels and atmospheric lighting effects. With insights from workflow’s from industry professionals, this presentaton equips artists and designers with the skills needed to breathe life into futuristic spacecraft, immersing audiences in rich and immersive worlds across various mediums, including film, video games, and visual storytelling.


  • I'm a digital artist and author of books on being creative with your digital tools. I'm an Adobe AEL (Adobe Educational Leader) as well as an Adobe Community Expert and I've taught digital creativity internationally. I'm an Instructor at Goldenwest College and Santa Monica College and Coast College and Studio Arts of Los Angeles. I worked as a Pro-Artist for WACOM Technologies and I'm the pres…

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