Barnstorm VFX, Leveraging Blender in the Industry

Barnstorm VFX, Leveraging Blender in the Industry

In this talk, we will cover a brief history of many of the blender projects we have been apart of at Barnstorm. The presentation will also include an in-depth look at actual workflows we use to accomplish things like visualizing big set pieces, methods for working in conjunction with other software such as Houdini, and ways to utilize the significant abilities of Eevee and the excitement of real-time engines.


  • Aspiring filmmaker. Deep appreciation of the original Star Wars. Moved to LA in 2013 by living in my Astro Van for six months. I worked as an extra before finally landing a gig at Robot Chicken as an After Effects comp artist.

    Eventually made my way into previs/postvis, worked on a few Avenger's movies having an absolute blast before finally ending up at Barnstorm VFX where I've been ever sinc…

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