Aspiring filmmaker. Deep appreciation of the original Star Wars. Moved to LA in 2013 by living in my Astro Van for six months. I worked as an extra before finally landing a gig at Robot Chicken as an After Effects comp artist.

Eventually made my way into previs/postvis, worked on a few Avenger's movies having an absolute blast before finally ending up at Barnstorm VFX where I've been ever since.

I adore Blender and Blender to other DCC workflows such as hopping from Blender to Houdini or Unreal etc.

dislikes: Badly rigged elbows/poorly animated elbows. Mocap shouldn't break elbows is what I mean... Anybody else as irritated about that as me? Retarget using IK or get a better retargeter... Anyways I digress...