The Future of Rendering

Founder and CEO of OTOY, Jules Urbach, presents a deep dive on next generation rendering - showcasing how Blender, Octane, and the Render Network have been used in several final frame VFX productions.

Jules will share the latest developments in decentralized GPU rendering, next generation AI, and provenance on the Render Network as well as open source initiatives for cross DCC rendering - such as ITMF, MSF and MaterialX and OpenUSD.

The talk will also highlight how Light Field, NeRF, and AI rendering features have advanced the state of the art for virtual production and real time workflows for emerging platforms like Apple’s Vision Pro, the Las Vegas Sphere, and Light Field Lab’s solid light holographic displays.

Finally, Jules will showcase the Roddenberry Archive immersive experience, a multi-decade initiative to preserve Gene Roddenberry’s lifetime of work - including the full history of Star Trek. The talk will present the work done in Blender to create the life-sized 1:1 Starship Enterprise models and Enterprise Bridge sets reconstructed for viewers to walk through as fully immersive experiences, with narration by William Shatner and other Star Trek luminaries.


  • As the CEO, I set the strategic vision for OTOY and architect the company’s technology roadmap. I’ve been a pioneer in the computer graphics, streaming, and 3D rendering space, with over 25 years of industry experience. I built my first game at age 18 and went on to make the web’s first 3D video game platform, licensing the software to Macromedia, Disney, Warner Bros., Nickelodeon, Microsoft, Ha…

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