The Future of Automotive Design Workflow

Blender has seen a lot of traction in the automotive design world since 2019. Despite being an outsider for 25 years, now the vast majority of the studios uses it daily.
In this talk, we go from understanding the reason for that growth to discussing the capabilities of Blender in that specific field. After framing the current workflows, we will look into the trend that will shape the future uses of Blender, and how it can become the base of an ecosystem that serves the design process.


  • I'm a French Digital Designer in the automotive field.

    After working at Koenigsegg, a hypercar company in Sweden, I started my own studio, Udin, together with Esa, a Car Designer colleague. Since then, we have worked with startups and OEMs on a wide variety of projects, from designing cars to modeling, visualization, and custom script development.

    Together, we believe in shaping our owns tâ€Ĥ

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