Procedural shading for Automotive visualization

While having a material library makes a huge difference when it comes to making visualization work, buidling it can be quite a tedious task.
In this presentation, we will see how I got from being curious about connecting nodes together to actually creating a complete set of procedural shaders for automotive visualization, aiming at ease of use, quality and customization possibilities. We will study specific cases and see how to systematically replicate real life materials.


  • I'm a French Digital Designer in the automotive field.

    After working at Koenigsegg, a hypercar company in Sweden, I started my own studio, Udin, together with Esa, a Car Designer colleague. Since then, we have worked with startups and OEMs on a wide variety of projects, from designing cars to modeling, visualization, and custom script development.

    Together, we believe in shaping our owns tâ€Ĥ

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