Ten Thousand Swords: a geometry nodes vertical...slice

Dolphintober? Sportsuary? Doggust? Monthly challenge fatigue can set in when making a new thing for 30 days straight. But for Swordtember 2023, a different thought occurred: why not make a sword generator in geometry nodes, and then you can have TEN THOUSAND swords? In this talk, we'll examine the design and implementation of creating a sword generator in geometry nodes including:

--the core logic of a sword generator
–What the user can access
--Techniques for blades, handles, pommels, guards, langets, etc.
--Weird edge cases to fit a prompt, such as umbrella, meat, syringe, and accordion swords
–Tips for ideal start-to-finish workflows
–Neato tricks learned along the way
–Preparing the interface for others


  • My Blender journey started 15 years ago when using Blender for mobile game development and, while pondering if others used this wonderful software, I created the Seattle Blender User Group. SEABUG is still going strong, especially thanks to our sponsor, Puget Systems. Since then, I've written Blender By Example with Packt Publishing, taught art and games at Lake Washington Institute of Technology…

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