3D in Construction

We've seen incredible applications of 3D/Blender in AEC (architecture, engineering, and construction) fields such as architecture planning and visualizations, engineering aids and visuals, but not a whole lot from the construction side. Construction managers (typically called "General Contractors" or "GCs" in the US) use people and technology to execute and build a project that has been designed by architects and engineers. The many ways they go about winning work, executing this work, and becoming better builders may not seem like it's related to 3D or Blender, but at our company, Brasfield & Gorrie, Blender is becoming a key part in making all this happen.

In this presentation we will do a high-level overview of the construction industry, how 3D is typically used in construction, how our company utilizes Blender in many of our workflows to build more efficiently, and what the future may hold for Blender in construction.