After discovering Blender in 2020, it has been a growing passion personally and professionally for me. At the company I work for, Brasfield & Gorrie, we use Blender for construction visualizations and various modeling workflows. It is becoming a bigger piece of what we do each year and that excites me! I hope to get others at my company to learn and adopt Blender in their workflows and get excited for the future of OpenSource BIM (Building Information Modeling)!

At home, it has become a passion to learn Blender further, and this sparked a personal project of mine called DunderMifflin360. At you can explore a 360 environment of Dunder Mifflin, modeled and rendered in Blender (this is the office space from the show "The Office (US)". I plan to keep working on it for years as time allows.

I feel like I know so much and yet so little about Blender, and can't wait to see how it grows and the community continues to thrive on creative freedom!