I am Senthur Ayyappan, a research engineer affiliated with the Neurobionics Laboratory, Department of Robotics, University of Michigan (https://neurobionics.robotics.umich.edu). In our lab, we focus on the design of exoskeletons and lower-limb prosthetic devices. Beyond my role at our research lab, I am an ardent advocate for Blender, having developed various open-source Blender add-ons (https://github.com/blender-for-science/anton, https://github.com/blender-for-science/import-G-code) to encourage its adoption in scientific endeavors (https://github.com/blender-for-science). Additionally, I consistently leverage Blender in my work to parametrically design robots and various mechanical systems, while constantly trying to convince my fellow colleagues to start using Blender too.