I'm an independent creative. Very nearly everything that I produce—stories, animations, designs, videos, podcasts—they’re all made using Free and open source tools, from applications all the way down to my choice of operating system. I've run an animation studio, written all editions of Blender For Dummies, co-authored GIMP Bible, and helped “fight bad guys with art” by designing anti-counterfeit technology for banknotes. Most recently as Director of Special Projects and Marketing at Autotroph, I have been focused on expanding the use of Blender by artists, studios, and toolmakers.

I do all of this while living and traveling full-time in an RV with my wife, two children, and two dogs. When I'm not working on my own creative projects, I'm drinking coffee and trying to be awesome. The former I've pretty much gotten down to a science. The latter… well, every now and then I succeeds at that one and make it look like it wasn’t an accident.